When Grace isn’t Grace

Last week Will (a fellow “Cabal” member) wrote a great piece on our site. We’ve been writing pieces that relate a common cultural story (a myth, movie or common theme in our lives) to some element of the Gospel; he chose Comcast’s crappy service as his story to riff on.

While the connection to that particular story is fleeting, I was struck by this analysis of forgiveness and grace in marriage:

True grace is rarely practiced in human relationships.  If I’m honest, when I do something wrong in my marriage, deep down I think I deserve forgiveness…

[My wife will] admit that her forgiveness of me is based on our past relationship and experiences.  And the same is true when I forgive her, it’s largely based on her past forgiveness of me and my anticipated need for future forgiveness… The “grace” we give each other really isn’t grace at all.

Wow. It’s so true, I definitely see this as the case in my own heart when I forgive Carrie for something (which is rare due to her near-perfection).

I’d suggest that you go read his post.

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