Lost is on Hulu!

I don’t have many shows that I follow, but Lost is the top one for sure. It’s been nice that ABC has been putting them online for a while after they air, but what if you want to go and watch it straight through – you had to go and drop about $300 to purchase all of the DVD sets. Not anymore (for the most part).

Lost is on Hulu!

Thanks to Rob Orangejack for informing me on this miracle, he also is the creator of Lost Soup which aggregates the best info on the Island.

i love Chuck Spurgeon

Tonight I read “A New Departure” which is a keynote speech that Charles Spurgeon gave at an annual meeting of the pastors’ college that he founded. He must have just destroyed some of these guys as he did me tonight.

A respectable ministry, devoid of spiritual life, is little better than respectable damnation, from which may God deliver us!

When men drift into this condition, they generally adopt some expedient to hide it. Conscience suggests that there is something or other wrong, and the deceitful heart labours to conceal or palliate this fact. Some do this by amusing themselves with hobbies instead of preaching the gospel. They cannot do the Lord’s work, so they try to do their own. They have not honesty enough to confess that they have lost gospel power, so they ride a hobby; and it is a very mild form of evil when they raise some side issue, which has no other fault about it than that it diverts them from the main point. Many are these playthings…

Seriously, if any of you are in any sort of ministry position, take the half-hour to read this.


After spending some time in a few seminary classes, I’ve decided to put it to use and study Mark for the next… well, until I get through it I guess.

This week I’ve developed a deeper affinity for the Gospel of Mark. It’s short. Seriously, you can read the whole thing in less than an hour, yet there is some stuff in it that hits pretty hard.

The Gospel of Mark.