Question on Christian Liberty and Mind/Body Altering Substances

Where do limits lie for body-mind affecting substances? Drugs, alcohol, tobacco/nicotine, coffee/tea/caffeine, even sugar.

First, I make the assumption that the Bible does not inherently ban things like these, but does speak to the situations.

Some of the limits are clear for Christians, we are to be submitted to authority so illegal drugs are out of the question along with drinking under 21 (in the US), drinking and driving, and smoking (really purchasing nicotine products) under 18. Others are not; at what age should children be allowed to drink coffee? How many cookies should I have? What defines “drunk(/filled with wine)”?¬†How many cigarettes, pipes or cigars is “okay”?

I think culturally and perhaps subconsciously we place “drunk” at whatever limit our local government says you can’t drive past. But, that was clearly not the case in other times and places.

We don’t limit smoking in adults, but perhaps we should.

We can drink as much caffeine at any age as we want, but should we be allowed to?