My Grandmother the Pirate

DSCN0167My grandmother had her first surgery ever today. It was for cataracts on her right eye. This is how awesome she is.

This woman is incredible.

She raised 4 children on her own. Outlived both of her husbands (my grandfather, who left her with the aforementioned 4 kids and my Papa Bob who she married a couple years before I was born). She’s never driven in her life, yet she’s never been unemployed. She used to walk about a mile up and down hill to get to the bus stop in heels, in Erie.

She still dresses with class. She stays up later than any of my parents to win at Bingo.

In the past year she’s wallpapered her kitchen, which included moving the fridge. (You can see this in the background of the picture.) She has also taken the carpet out of her bedroom by herself.

You need to re-read that last sentence. She’s older than 75 and she pulled all of her furniture out of the bedroom (bed, dresser, desk, etc.) then she cut up the carpet, rolled it up and dragged it out to the curb. Then she took out the padding!

This past summer when we were visiting Erie for a couple of weeks she had said that her lawn needed mowed, both my dad and I told her we’d do it. The next evening we were at her house and saw that the lawn was already done, we mentioned it and her reply was, “Oh, it’s okay I did it from about noon til 2 in the afternoon.” The hottest part of the day!

She snow-blows her sloped driveway too.

I’ve never seen her run. I’ve never seen her swim. She just doesn’t do it.

She could take you.

I’m sure of it.

Even with a fifth of gin in her and one eye not working.