less serious, but seriously…

One of the other things that comes through my Google Reader each day is a few funny things. One of my favorites is Crummy Church Signs. This one came through today:

This is what they have to say about it, which is completely true:

Nice to see this Reformed church has relaxed their denomination’s theology a little bit. And by “relaxed”, I of course mean “completely disregarded”.

Seriously, I hate stupid church signs.

websites and couches

Well, I’ve decided to keep this style for my site, I’ll have to tweak it a bit. I like that it just feels more organized and bright. It needs some personalizations though…

Kingdom of CouchesAt Christmas Conference (DC05) they gave out a copy of Kingdom of Couches to everyone. it’s written by a guy named Will Walker who is on staff with CCC in Texas. It talks about Westernized Christianity’s propensity for privatizing faith and our need to immerse ourselves in real community.

Walker talks a lot about a blog community that he shares with current and former students/staff and how they wrestle with important life issues and musings. Well, as I searched for a place to buy more copies of the book ($9US | Cru Press) I actually came across the blog, appropriately named Musings. I’ve added it to the feeds that I keep up with on a daily basis. (Along with most of the Blogroll links I keep here.)

Anyhow, check out the book. Check out the site.

In light of the wonderousness that will occur this Sunday, I feel the need to share this with everyone. Listen.