Glenn Beck & the Christian Church (Part 1)

I’ve been holding out on posting this until I was chill out a bit and think about it without simply ranting. I think I’m there today, helped by a link posted by a friend(/mentor/coworker/boss).

Albert Mohler: Glenn Beck, Social Justice, and the Limits of Public Discourse

Mohler does a good job of weighing out the history behind the “Social Gospel” in the past 103 years. The Social Gospel movement in the Christian church has been one that has removed the Gospel of eternal salvation and replaced it with a “Gospel” of charity work and social justice politicking.

I suggest that everyone reads his article as he points out some things that need to be pointed out, particularly in the realm of the limits of public discourse (hence the title of his post). But he misses on some things and on them he misses by a wide margin.

First, the smaller, he doesn’t differentiate effectively between social justice and the “Social Gospel.” Though the Social Gospel movement is concerned about social justice, it does not have the corner on the Church’s concern for social justice.

Second, I think he grossly misstates the New Testament’s instructions on Christian-faith based social justice (emphasis mine):

The New Testament is stunningly silent on any plan for governmental or social action. The apostles launched no social reform movement.

(Mohler does agree later that we are supposed to seek justice at some level, but he apparently bases this on nothing in particular.)

I felt the need to break up this post, since it was so long, the rest of this post will be up tomorrow morning.

Mommy, where do vampires come from?


Or at least that’s what this article says.

They’re Alive: Real Scientific Reasons to Believe in Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies.

It’s slightly mis-titled, but it’s a pretty good hypothesis/theory of how the beliefs about how werewolves, zombies and (Stoker-esque) vampires came to be.

Here’s an excerpt:

Rabies has several more vampire-like symptoms. It can cause insomnia, which explains the nocturnal portion of the legend. People with rabies also suffer from muscular spasms, which can lead them to spit up blood. What’s stunning is the fact that these spasms are triggered by bright lights, water, mirrors, and strong smells, such as the scent of garlic.

Also, King George III was a vampire. As in the King George III that ruled England when the colonies peaced-out.

Google Books and Preserving the Library Hive Mind

Wanted to share a post on the Official Google Blog about Google Books and the importance of projects like it.

But the vast majority of books ever written are not accessible to anyone except the most tenacious researchers at premier academic libraries. Books written after 1923 quickly disappear into a literary black hole. With rare exceptions, one can buy them only for the small number of years they are in print. After that, they are found only in a vanishing number of libraries and used book stores. As the years pass, contracts get lost and forgotten, authors and publishers disappear, the rights holders become impossible to track down.

via Official Google Blog: A tale of 10,000,000 books.

Repost, RE: Abortionist’s Murder

I was going to write something in reference to the recent killing of the doctor who had been performing abortions in Kansas, but I came across this post that pretty much summed up what I thought about it.

This sums it up, but I suggest the whole post.a

Since there are no imaginable circumstances in which lethal force is the only means available to end the harm of abortion, then lethal means are never justified.

via Stand to Reason Blog: Killing Abortionists Is Wrong. Period.

DriverMax – totally recommended

The over-the-top named blog Killer Tech Tips posted a list of “Six Windows Lifesaver Programs That Save You From PC Blunders” they all looked good, but the one that I tried and would totally recommend is DriverMax. This is what KTT has to say about it:

You don’t have a back up of your device drivers. Or your branded computer didn’t come with them. That’s when DriverMax comes in handy.

You can use it to backup installed drivers on your computer which can be later restored when your computer is messed up or when you’ve reinstalled Windows. DriverMax can also update the drivers installed on your computer.

I give it a 5 on 5 for its ease of use. It just does perfectly what it says.

I agree, get it.