Missionary Lifestyle

A former student sent me this video the other day. I’m always encouraged to see people far younger than myself who are giving what they have up to follow God’s call.

The funny part is that I was most convicted when I started to write this post and was going to nitpick how he defines what the missionary “lifestyle” is. I just need to learn to give up to follow God.

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

I’ve been thinking about posting something related to this bill for a while now. As a person in Christian ministry who has supporters who cover the whole spectrum of social conservatives to social progressives, I have felt that weighing in here for the world to see may be a bad idea. I’ve talked about it in conversations where I can talk through the nuances of my view at length, but things on the internet can blow up in ways that are often uncontrollable.

After seeing this, I had to.

This video outlines the points of the bill that talk about the death penalty that is associated with it. I’ve been opposed to the bill since I first heard about it, but as someone who is not Ugandan and doesn’t know any Ugandans I didn’t feel that it was an opinion that I could do anything with. But, now I wanted to post this in light of the video post I added the other day where pastor John Piper talks about the fact that Christians have no basis to impose the death penalty for offenses against morality. This bill is being backed by a number of “Evangelical” leaders from the United States!

Even if I wasn’t opposed to the banning of homosexuality on a legal level, the vagueness of the bill and its obtuse range of offenses that can lead to the death penalty makes it nothing less than a travesty of any country’s legal system.

Piper: How Could God Kill Women and Children? (Video)

For my second video post in a row, I want to share a video from a series where people submit difficult questions to be answered by John Piper. For anyone who follows me on Twitter or reads this blog regularly, you know that I’m a fan of John Piper’s teaching (though I don’t agree with everything he says).

In this video he answers a common question that even I sometimes struggle reconciling. I agree wholeheartedly with how he addresses the question. You need to watch it all the way to the end.